An American Midfielder in England: Feb. 26-27

Last week, we kicked off this new regular series highlighting the statistical exploits of the 4 USMNT-capped midfielders now featuring in the world’s most popular league. Alas, this week finds us 2 Gringos short of our quartet, as Bradley rode the bench for the full 90 and Spector, in his 8 minutes or so on the pitch, would be lying if he said he broke a sweat.

Two Gringos did see plenty of action, however, so let’s get to the good stuff.


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The Rundown

Jermaine Jones (Blackburn 1 – Aston Villa 4) – Despite his team’s minor whooping at the hands of Aston Villa, Jones did put up some solid numbers, including an 80% passing rate and a handful of tackles. Read Blake’s in-depth analysis of this match, including Jones’ passing chalkboard, over at The USA Ten Kit.

Stuart Holden (Bolton 1 – Newcastle 1) – Once again, Holden captures the Gold Star this week for his prolific passing (45 completed), 4/4 tackles and nice lateral field coverage. He may not be in the Xavi zone, but any midfielder who approaches 50 completed passes in a match is integrating well into a game’s tempo and character. We’ve been impressed over the last few weeks with Holden’s field coverage. This match was no exception. The heat map below demonstrates just how effectively Holden moved around the pitch, especially laterally (although he did slightly tend toward the right flank).

by Guardian Chalkboards

Michael Bradley (Aston Villa 4 – Blackburn 1) – Midfield legend Pires may have made Bradley’s aspirations for Villa minutes that much more difficult. Again, read Blake’s complete analysis.

Jonathan Spector (West Ham 3 – Liverpool 1) – Just like last week, Spector was a late-game substitution, although he must have enjoyed being on the pitch for that final whistle. His 8 plus minutes did produce one interesting stat, however: 2 tackles. One has to imagine he was capitalizing on a beleaguered Liverpool, but still, it’s a nice impact to have while holding a lead in the last few minutes of the match. Maybe he at least got Gerrard’s jersey.

Stat of the Week: Stuart Holden – 45 passes completed.

Gringos, what are your thoughts on the performances of Holden and Jones this weekend? What’s going through Bob’s mind right now?

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  1. Blake Owen says:

    I didn’t get a chance to see Holden this week but it sounds like he had another good match.

    Bob Bradley has his work cut out picking between Jones, M. Bradley, Holden, and Maurice Edu.

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