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FFG is run by Blake Owen, a sports fan who happens to like soccer in addition to traditional American sports. Blake has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language and lives in Frisco, TX. He teaches ESL in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Blake can be reached at blakeowen@futbolforgringos.com.
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We Can Build Him Better, Stronger, Faster

On Saturday, two reports painted very different pictures on the recovery efforts of Charlie Davies and Jermaine Jones.

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An Elegant Midfielder For a More Civilized Age

Yes, that’s a Star Wars reference. No, FFG is not going to explain it, but we will tell you how Michael Bradley fits into the modern three-man midfield.

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Gringos Around the Net

The world’s most revered manager gives Bob Bradley high praise, Freddy Adu looks to be headed to another new team, and Landon Donovan stars in another commercial.

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The Benjamin Buttonification of Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore is on track to become USA’s best ever striker, but his skills are developing backwards.

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FFG, Facebook, Twitter, and You

Clint – don’t look so confused! There are quite a few ways you can receive FFG updates.

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USMNT Summer Transfer Rumors

It’s ok, Michael! Referee Koman Coulibaly isn’t in charge of anyone’s transfer availability.

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State of the US (National Team)

Even if Bob Bradley doesn’t come back as USA’s coach, he’s left a tactical imprint on the squad.

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Report: MLS Won’t Sell Landon Donovan

Either MLS commish Don Garber is planning to slowly take over the soccer world, or he’s full of hot air.

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Spain/Netherlands Analysis and Closing World Cup Thoughts

Iniesta is excited about FFG’s breakdown of the final. How about you?

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World Cup Final Summary

A dull Word Cup final is all Bob Bradley’s fault.

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Third Place Match Summary

Third place matches may not be very ‘American,’ but they sure can be entertaining. The 2010 edition didn’t disappoint.

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World Cup Final Preview

Spain are so talented, they can even slide tackle in tandem!

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