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Ben Koch, M.Ed., is a writer, teacher and the managing editor of ben’s TEN. He holds a Master’s degree in Education and is fascinated with the power we have as humans to consciously evolve ourselves through education and practice. His publication credits include articles in Intercom, Transitions Abroad, Highlights for Children, Zampa and poetry in Lalitamba, Issue 3. He is also proud to have served as managing editor of Falling Off the Roof of the World: The Autobiography of the Venerable Lama Dudjom Dorjee.
Website: http://bensten.wordpress.com/
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USA 1 – Mexico 0: Thanks Timmy

It didn’t exactly embody “the beautiful game,” but Timmy Howard led the Gringos to a historic result in hostile territory.

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USA 1 – Brazil 4: A Misleading Score Line?

“Hulk vs. Hercules” sounds like a summer blockbuster, but it was actually just an entertaining friendly.

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Dallas 1 – Portland 1

Despite Hyndman’s adjustments, a lack of depth dooms Dallas.

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2011 Retrospective: Bradley vs. Klinsmann (Defense Edition)

Bradley had the upper hand in 2011 in our offensive analysis. How will his defensive numbers hold up next to Klinsmann’s?

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LA 3 – RSL 1: An Unsung Performance

Let’s take a look at some numbers for a little star hiding just outside the limelight.

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LA 2 – NYRB 1: If All Else Fails, Work Like a Dog

Becks to Magee is once again the magic formula, and this time it’s enough to send New York on the next flight home.

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Seattle 2 – RSL 0: When a Win Isn’t Enough

Seattle exploits a weakened RSL defense, but couldn’t find the final killer goal to even the aggregate.

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LA 1 – NY 0: Battle of the Designated Ones

There might have been enough salary on the field to pay a Wall Street executive’s bonus, but it was a little guy named Magee who knocked in the game winner and only goal.

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RSL 3 – Seattle 0: Post-season Experience Speaks

Sure, they scored 3 goals, but RSL’s defensive statistics are what really impress in this no-shots shutout.

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USA 0 – Ecuador 1: As Bad as it Looks?

Not even Deuce could find the magic play to save this one.

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USA – Honduras Preview

Payoff time? Patient USMNT fans are ready for Klinsmann’s gradual approach to start producing goals, and victories.

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USA 0 – Belgium 1: Another Goose Egg for the Collection

It’s gonna take a lot more goals from these two for FFG to start waving flags around…

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