Day 8 Recap

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Germany 0 – Serbia 1

In a harbinger of USA decisions to come, the referee of Germany-Serbia displayed poor judgment throughout the first half, hurting Germany’s chances of advancing.  In a 20 minute stretch (12th- 32nd minutes), the official issued five yellow cards – three to Germany and two to the Serbs – on challenges that were, for the most part, innocuous. German wunder-striker Miroslav Klose, one of the unfortunate recipients, then put in a questionable 37th minute tackle and received another yellow and the consequent red. While his second challenge deserved a card, his first may have been the most harmless of the bunch, leaving the Germans furious.

Their obsession with the referee cost them, as Serbian midfielder Milan Jovanovic was unmarked a minute later when a headed pass fell to him in front of goal. Serbia then attempted to replicate Switzerland’s 1-0 upset of Spain by similarly absorbing pressure.

The referee did his part to make up for his mistakes, cleanly officiating the second period and awarding Germany a just penalty in the 59th. Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic, attempting to stop a harmless German cross, made, in the words of the announcer, “a fantastic save, but he’s not a goalkeeper.” Lucas Podolski, normally a one-man scoring machine, had his penalty stopped, and though Germany spent the rest of the match attacking so relentlessly it appeared Serbia were the side a man down, they were unable to find an equalizer.

Both squads sit on three points, with Ghana (also 3) and Australia (0) set to play their second match tomorrow.

USA 2 – Slovenia 2

See Blake Owen’s detailed analysis.

England 0 – Algeria 0

In what can only be diagnosed as a case of the “Frenchies,” the Premier League all-star squad that is the English National Team failed to gel yet again and were held scoreless by a resilient and doggedly determined Algerian side. Lampard, Rooney and Gerrard et al managed to muster a few decent shots on keeper Rais M Bolhi, but the Algerian backline closed gaps and cleared balls with a sense of devotion.

Algeria, lining up in a fortress-like 4-5-1 formation, relied on solid and consistent performances from Bougherra, Ziani and others–not that they tested English keeper James much (in for the dishonored Green), but they exuded a level of confidence and control that gave the game a feel of 50/50 odds, not one of the “Three Lions” being held back by the North African “mice.”

Today’s results leave Group C in the most interesting of situations. See Blake Owen’s algebra-like analysis of scenarios. Next Wednesday, find a way to watch both games, which will be played simultaneously. It could be one of those days that lives long in our futbol memory.

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