Gringo of the Week: Maurice Edu

Newcastle's Danny Guthrie challenges Rangers' Maurice Edu during their friendly soccer match at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland, August 7, 2010. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

In our Gringo of the Week series, FFG highlights an American whose performance helped his team earn a crucial result.

Gringo of the Week: Maurice Edu

Edu put in a solid effort in his Champions League debut (helping Rangers earn a 0-0 draw with favored Manchester United), but casual fans could be forgiven for wanting a more exciting affair. Rangers started and ended the game in a 5-4-1 that morphed into a 3-6-1 when in possession. However, since Rangers only had 37% of possession – and didn’t seem that eager for more – much of the match was composed of United vainly attempting to break through nine men sitting on the edge of the penalty box.

This weekend Ben and I will break down Edu’s performance during the upcoming September podcast (I’d do it this evening, but, come on, it’s Halo Reach release day).

Rangers' 3-6-1

Honorable Mention

Tim Howard: Maurice Edu wasn’t the only gringo who stared down Manchester United in the last few days. Over the weekend, former United keeper Tim Howard helped Everton come from behind to draw 3-3 against the Red Devils. Everton would not have been able to stage a comeback had Howard not made two spectacular saves.

Eddie Johnson: We’re grasping for straws here, but given the sad state of USA’s strikers these days (Clint Dempsey is the only forward seeing consistent playing time in a big league), Johnson’s short cameo this past Saturday is cause for celebration.

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  1. Russell says:

    After watching this game yesterday and watching Holden at Bolton this year, I am more convinved than ever that BB needs to find a way to put our four best midfielders on the field at once. Even if it isn’t swash buckling, I think this will provide the USA the best chance of winning against any and all opponents.

    (basically expanding on your Bradley could learn from Boyle article)

    4-3-2-1 (xmas tree) or some fluid variation of the below.

    Altidore most likely coming in with fresh legs and body at the 80 min.

    Back Four
    Bradley – Jones – Edu
    Holden – Donovan

    • Blake Owen says:

      Interesting proposal, but if I could get Bob to try any tactic, I’d love to seem him experiment with a false-nine.

      Edit (meant to add this originally): The problem with the wholesale changes we fans like to propose is a lack of practice time. International squads are together so little that managers can’t willy-nilly switch from formation to formation.

      However, I do think that Bob is going to start using some type of 4-4-1-1/4-2-3-1, as he did against Brazil in August. You can move from a 4-4-2 with a withdrawn forward to a 4-2-3-1 over the course of a few games.

      Surely he can’t continue to stick with Findley, Buddle, and Gomez, right?

  2. Bradley's Receding Hairline says:

    I certainly like the idea of taking advantage of our midfield depth, though I wonder if our fullbacks could handle the attacking responsibilities required by the 4-3-2-1.

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