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Last week’s release of MLS’ player salaries led to some interesting debate within the US Soccer community (for background, check out Grant Wahl’s rundown of the league’s top earners). As for the debate, some think the Designated Player rule -the regulation allowing a team to field up to three players who basically don’t count against the salary cap – will lead to a talent gap between the haves and the have-nots, while others think the attention granted Designated Players brings the league increased renown without destroying competitive balance.

Two articles, one from Tobias Lopez of Sports Illustrated and the other courtesy of’s Nick Rosano , present the contrasting outlooks:

  • Lopez contends that the deep pockets of New York, LA, and Chicago will cause small-market teams to spend beyond their means in order to compete, which – coupled with overexpansion – could fold the league.
  • Rosano feels the DP rule allows small-market teams to compete by picking up talented but lesser-known players, stars who may not sell as many jerseys as David Beckham but are just as capable of making an impact on the pitch.

Gringos, after readings these articles, do you have any thoughts on the Designated Player rule? Were you surprised by some of the salaries?

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  1. Bradley's Receding Hairline says:

    I’m down with Rosano when it comes to the DP’s, but I think Lopez might be onto something with the overexpansion thing.

    Can the market handle the rate at which MLS is expanding?

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