Holden Still Out, Bolton Lose 1-0

Carlos Tevez Manchester City 2010/11 Sam Ricketts Bolton Wanderers Manchester City V Bolton Wanderers (1-0) 04/12/10 Premier League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

This past Saturday Stuart Holden missed his second straight match. Without him Bolton Wanderers lost 1-0 to Manchester City. Last week, following Bolton’s 2-2 draw with Blackpool, we suggested that Mark Davies, Holden’s replacement, performed well enough to push Holden for playing time, especially since Davies scored one goal and set up the other.

In Davies’ second opportunity to fill-in for the American, he put forth another efficient game.

by Guardian Chalkboards

But in a match where Bolton needed a spark, Davies was unable to deliver. Though to be fair, none of his teammates did either.

However, Davies was culpable on the match’s lone goal. On the City counter that led to the winner, Davies didn’t pressure opposing midfielder Yaya Toure, who ended up providing an assist. In fact, Davies didn’t mark anyone during the sequence.

His one mistake wouldn’t be enough to send a star to the bench, but Davies needed a series of perfect games to displace a starter. Holden should be able to worry a little less about losing a starting position and focus more on getting healthy.

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