Howard and Hahnemann Face Off in the Premier League

Aug. 10, 2010 - East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States of America - 10 August 2010 - USA Goalkeeper TIM HOWARD.

World Cup teammates Tim Howard and Marcus Hahnemann were in opposite nets today as Howard’s Everton took on Hahnemann’s Wolverhampton Wanderers. Both made one save and let in one goal (both goals were due to defensive breakdowns from one or more of their teammates). The most fascinating part of their performances was how each keeper’s distribution demonstrated their squad’s style of play.

Here’s the breakdown of their passing stats (Hahnemann is listed first):

by Guardian Chalkboards
As you can see, Hahnemann had more passing opportunities – an outcome dictated by Everton having 59% of possession. However, the types of passes Howard and Hahnemann produced are far more revealing than the total number. Howard, suiting up for the favored team, often sent his passes to defenders stationed just outside of the box. At the other end of the pitch, Hahnemann punted long passes upfield, attempting to connect with strikers. Everton, possessed of considerably more talent than Wolves, were confident in their ability to move the ball up the field without resorting to hopeful long balls. In contrast, Wolves’ punts reveal a team not entirely assured of its ability to sashay down the pitch. Hahnemann’s long passes served a second purpose as well: they didn’t allow Everton a chance to force a turnover in the middle of the field.

Neither side exclusively did either tactic, of course, but it’s certainly worth noting that each tended towards one style. Unfortunately, poor finishing from both sides meant a lack of goals, though the only two Americans on the pitch were probably ok with that.

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