Robbie Findley: Touch Tracker

Robbie Findley was perhaps the only surprising inclusion on USA’s World Cup roster and yesterday afternoon he had his first chance to show why he belonged. FFG was there to catalog his every touch.

Blue is positive, yellow neutral, and red negative. The number represents the minute in which the play occurred and an arrow indicates the player dribbled forward with the ball.

Hover your mouse over the individual circles for descriptions of what Findley did on a given touch (please email me,, if this is not working for you).

Findley appeared to have made a difference up top, but he needs to work on distribution into the box. He literally dribbled out of bounds on two occasions, failing to connect with teammates. The striker’s beautiful chip to Donovan in the 58th did show an ability to find an open man, but Findley needs to be more consistent.

Any thoughts on his performance?

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