Stuart Holden, Statistical Analysis, and You

Stuart Holden and Time Howard. U.S. Men's National Team training in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Photo via Newscom

Since it’s my birthday weekend, I’m not terribly motivated to breakdown Holdenballs’ performance today. I have far less constructive things to do. And, yes, my birthday does require more than one twenty-four hour cycle to be appreciated. It’s kind of like Gabemas.

So, instead of me telling you how Holden performed, let’s hear your analysis. A bit of context: Bolton lost today’s match against Liverpool 1-0 and Holden played the full ninety.

I’ve created a table of his stats through the first nine games and immediately following the table you’ll find charts illustrating his play from today’s game with Liverpool.

MatchSuccessful PassesUnsuccessful PassesInterceptionsTackles WonTackles Lost
Home- Fulham208281
Away - West Ham286542
Home - Birmingham City224021
Away - Arsenal254593
Away - Aston Villa227122
Home - Manchester United155232
Away - West Brom184654
Home - Stoke City267455
Away - Wigan Athletic2494115
Home - Liverpool205334
Home - Tottenham207277
Away - Everton134348
Away - Wolverhampton243371

by Guardian Chalkboards

by Guardian Chalkboards

by Guardian Chalkboards

So, gringos, break it down for me. What trends or deviations do you see?

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  1. Bradley's Receding Hairline says:

    It seems like his stats were down across the board. I guess that’s cuz Liverpool is better, position in the table notwithstanding.

    And all his tackles were in Liverpool’s half. Weird.

  2. Rupert J. Pelfrey says:

    He can’t tackle. He can only pass in midfield or on the edges of the opponents half. His crosses suck. And whats with his interception at 85 all the way on the left back side?

    • Blake Owen says:

      Haha, I see we’re noting the positives in his performance.

      In the 85th, he had to track back on a Liverpool counter. It was a pretty solid defensive move on his part.

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