Tactics to Watch in KC v CO and HOU v PHI

Working weekends – and having your DVR flake out on you – doesn’t lend itself well to watching playoff games. However, we did manage to glean a couple of interesting tidbits from Kansas City/Colorado and Houston/Philadelphia.

In Houston’s 2-1 victory, Philadelphia must feel sorely put upon, as they lost despite generating 12 more shots and 5 more shots on goal. And comparing their nuanced tactical approach to Houston’s charge and barge must leave their fans quite irritated.

Philly's key passes originated from the middle of the pitch, whereas Houston found success bombing in crosses from the outside.

The other match, Kansas City’s 2-0 triumph, played more to form. KC’s more intricate attack prevailed. But Colorado could be forgiven for having a hard time getting out of their own half. Kansas City pressed them to death.

Kansas City set themselves up for success by constantly pressing Colorado, which is why the victors had so many interceptions in Colorado's half.

So, gringos, if you’re looking for something to watch in the second legs, make particular note of Kansas City’s pressing and Philly’s passing approach. They could be the keys to the matches’ respective outcomes.

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