Tactics Tuesday: USMNT 2011 Stat Check — Minutes and PE

In one of our 2010 recap posts, we introduced the concept of Point Efficiency (PE) as a measure of how well USMNT players had used their precious minutes on the pitch to contribute via goals and assists. In a national team setting, we argued, PE is much more important than it is in a club setting due to the limited exposure a player has to a coach. The statistic has its flaws, as we acknowledged and some astute readers reinforced, but we still think it’s a good starting point for further discussion. In this post, we’ve created a table to illustrate two things about 2011 USMNT midfielder and forward stats so far: PE and minutes played.

Donovan, LandonM1800000
Dempsey, ClintM1800000
Bradley, MichaelM1800000
Agudelo, JuanF16610283
Altidore, JozyF1490000
Edu, MauriceM1350000
Diskerud, MixxM900000
McCarty, DaxM900000
Larentowicz, JeffM900000
Jones, JermaineM900000
Bedoya, AlejandroM820000
Shea, BrekM590000
Bunbury, TealF3110216
Kljestan, SachaM140000
Alexander, EricM80000

Reflections and Implications

  • USMNT “heavyweights” Donovan, Dempsey and Bradley are rightly getting the minutes, but where’s the PE? No one is denying their work rate and the value their experience brings to the squad, but it’s been an offensively lackluster year so far for all three. There won’t be much “gold” in this summer’s Gold Cup unless these three step it up.
  • The big shocker of last year’s PE calculations was the extraordinary score for then newcomer Juan Agudelo. His 2011 numbers, along with his general play in the recent friendlies, have convinced many (FFG included) that he’s more than a one-hit wonder or some kind of fluke. Here he is again at the top of the PE ranking.
  • Do we have another “sleeper” on our hands in Bunbury–out to give Altidore even more pressure to start fulfilling his potential? Thirty-two minutes is hardly a valid test of his staying power, but hey, that’s about all Agudelo had in 2010 and look where he’s sittin’.

What do you say, Gringos? Any insights from this quick look at a year in progress?

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