The MLS Playoff System Doesn’t Make Sense

SOCCER/FUTBOL RAFA, YA ES TORO Photo of Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber, during press conference of Rafael Marquez./Foto del comisionado de la Major League Soccer Don Garber, durante conferencia de Rafael Marquez. 03 August 2010 MEXSPORT/ISI PHOTOS Photo via Newscom

So I was going to address the convoluted nature of MLS’ playoff system, but then I realized it’s already been done ad nauseam. FFG addressed it in our September podcast. Fanhouse published an excellent breakdown last week. Heck, a Google search revealed a now defunct soccer blog complaining about the issue. In 2006.

Fortunately, MLS commish Don Garber is on record that, come 2011 and the two new franchises it will bring, the entire league format could change.

But until then, let’s appreciate MLS’ innovative system. Based on points:

  • 1 (Lose Angeles) faces 6 (Seattle)
  • 2 (Salt Lake) meets 5 (Dallas)
  • 3 (New York) takes on 8 (San Jose)
  • 4 (Columbus) plays 7  (Colorado)
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  1. Bradley's Receding Hairline says:

    It’s a pretty messed up system alright.

    Out of curiosity why do you have Columbus ahead of Dallas? They’re tied on points but Dallas has a better goal difference.

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