USA – Czech Republic Tactical Analysis

Bob Bradley

The US lost last night’s friendly, but Bob Bradley may have shown viewers some of his tactical plans for the World Cup.

1st Half

1st Half Tactics

Torres and Edu played holding roles in midfield, neither venturing very far forward. To make up for this design decision, either striker would drop closer to midfield, with the other staying near an opposing center back.

Beasley and Holden both pushed forward, but Holden always stayed wide (this left him in a position to use his pinpoint cross) and Beasley occasionally cut inside. The fullbacks then made use of the space the wingers created: Bornstein stayed close to the touchline and Cherundolo moved to the middle of the pitch.

2nd Half

Brian Ching played the holding striker role, almost never straying outside. Gomez, though, was allowed to drift wide to combine with Bedoya, who, compared to Holden, lined up in a more narrow position.This change made Cherundolo’s runs occur closer to the touchline.

2nd Half Tactics

Pearce and Rogers appeared to replicate the tactics of their first half counterparts but an addition was Holden shifting wide as Rogers moved in. This may not have been intentional, as it brought an extra defender into the space Pearce was trying to occupy.

Touch Tracker

Beasley, Bedoya, and Rogers could be fighting over one position, so FFG tracked their every touch last night.

Blue is positive, yellow neutral, and red negative. The number represents the minute in which the play occurred and an arrow indicates the player dribbled forward with the ball.

Hover your mouse over the individual circles for descriptions of what a player did on a given touch (please email me,, if this is not working for you).

Update: Internet Explorer users, you may not be able to see the descriptions. We’ll get it working for you next game.

Beasley (1st Half)

Rogers (2nd Half)

In the comments, let’s hear what you think of Bradley’s tactics and the performances of Beasley, Rogers, and Bedoya.

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  1. AG says:

    Rogers seemed involved more. Again, this is what makes me feel like he is more of a playmaker.

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